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3 03 2008

News of the video has topped national headlines in South Africa.By Lloyd Meikle

A lot of noise has been made in the past week over the allegedly racist video made by students at the Univeristy of the Free State. Not only has the story been recieving massive national attention from SA’s media but it has also made an impact on the international media scene (just type in “racist video south africa” on google news and you will get hundreds of worldwide results).

After trawling through many news reports and blogs, I have managed to track the video down. It can be found here. It’s not for the faint hearted, but at the same time I think everyone should be exposed to evidence first hand when making informed opinions. Is it deliberately racist or just incredibly disgusting student behaviour?

All thoughts are welcome here.




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8 03 2008

Hey guys,

I honestly don’t find anything racist in that video. Cmon, the students were just having fun- maybe a bit stupid fun- but we are students at the end of the day…

The urinating in the food is disgusting, however, i doubt it is the same food the ladies ate! HOPE IT ISNT!!!

Those boys just want boys that stay with them to share the same interests as they do- so that all can get along…

After all, they have a right to voice their opinions and have a say in what happens in their house

Well, that just my opinion.

Keep up the go0d work guys! Big up to Elna!

10 03 2008

I cant beleive that someone actually want to run way from facts…that was authentic racism and our universities promote it. The Vice Chouncellor of OFS knew about that res…the whole all whites thing…those students deserve a death penalty…by stoning and all VCs should be the first once to cast the stones…then the OFS VC should take those boys bodies put them in that dirty residence that does not promote personal hygiene…

what makes me hurt is the fact that one of those mothers looked like my mother…and it is not like Rhodes and others are any different. how different is lesotho society, botswana society from the apartheid homelands. our universities still promote segregation and racism. why do we still allow “different” groups of people to exclude themselves from others? are we ever going to a person as just being person who has different ways of communication and bleifs…I’m hoping to God, Jesus, Mahommad, Allah and all the prophets that they dont take Reyhana’s place in heave if she does beleive in heaven.

Fort Hare is still an all black university. what are the VCs waiting for? for a white person to be abused and thats when they’ll start emailing one another about that about having universities that are exclusive of other races…

I’m tired of typing…those boys should be stoned asap!!!

10 03 2008

this is not even news…its a MATTER that NO ONE SHOULD GET OVER!!!

11 03 2008

Heaven? whats that??

I agree, it was horrible behaviour but like I said, they were just having fun. I think people are kicking up a fuss just for the hell of it- South Africans do that, we draw the race card when we have nothing better to say.

30 03 2008

I agree “the race card” is drawn far too often in South Africa, and if the focus is always on enraging people about race issues then how will people learn to forgive and live in harmony with one another. It’s like just as people start to get along, and the divide starts to disipate, a story of racism comes and reminds people of the past and adds fuel to their anger.

BUT-at the same time these issues can’t just be ignored, because they are important. What those students did was very wrong, and people need to know that that kind of behaviour is unacceptable. If people are suffering then we can’t choose not to cover the story in hope that the issue will disappear. That would be incredibly naive and also would be going against what journalists stand for. We should aim to uncover issues so that people can come to their own understanding of the matter.

With that said, I think stories such as this one should not serve as an opportunity to ignite peoples rage, but should gently remind people that although we have come a long way since apartheid,there are still steps that need to be taken in order to reach equality.

2 04 2008

people should be “gently”reminded…mmm! if those boys didnt want to mix with other racial groups why did they even have black mothers cooking for them??? they put urine on food…I bet they’ve never had of things black people can put on food…”black secret technologies”, e’kse! watch out….you peeps say we pull a race card…imagine how you would feel if it was your mother…maybe its because you peeps have never been mistreated, oppressed, marginalised, brainwashed (or maybe not) because of your skin color…you peeps watch out…THE REVOLUTION IS COMING AND IT WILL BE TELEVISED!!!! E’KSE

2 04 2008

those boys suddenly use human beings as toys and its called “fun”…I bet they have shit loads of toys e’kse, cars, racing cars, XBox 360s, dolls, oil paints and cavas, ‘ndibala ntoni naa?

this is not about “race” its about hate!!!

3 04 2008

Reyhana your opinion is really crazy! How can you say that behaviour is not racist–or are you trying to pretend as if you don’t know racism. If your comments above are just as racist as those boys behaviour. Ezantwana zamabhulu zisiqhela amasimba

3 04 2008

Eish… in the the third sentence i meant to say: Your comments above are just as racist as those boys’ behavior, and they really are

1 06 2008

Rhiniboy: What makes me a racist?

Those ladies are laughing, having fun and not showing any signs of oppression or hurt. Those ladies chose to participate in the games- they were not forced to play with the boys, eat the food, drink the beers, etc. Life is all about the choices we make. And if an individual was oppressed before, that individual chooses to ALLOW the oppression to get the better of them and is further offended when anything scratching the surace of racism occurs.

I agree with Karen, we should not use such incidents to ignite the dying flames of apartheid and racism in SA. We are a rainbow nation, things like these are bound to happen because some of us are just plain dumb, stupid and childish and we see colour instead of person.

3 06 2008

As long as a white person is rich and in the expense of a black man, a skin colour will always remain important? BEE is about skin colour? white people started this issue of skin colour and you are now telling us that we are the same, rainbow nation my feet. You can’t teach us how to kick and defend at the same time? I don’t believe it’s a problem to be black or white?

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