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2 04 2008

Hi everyone. If you stumbled on this page by mistake then please do stick around for a little while longer.  Just a little.

Our TV class has put together 6 short 2 minute profiles on post graduate science students here at Rhodes University. Click here to check them out.

They will hopefully be broadcast at this year’s Scifest.

It was the first time “the man” allowed us near television equipment so all constructive feedback is most welcome. 

If you “Ghettoverit” you can just read some of our interesting articles (I wonder how many times I can use the word Ghettoverit in a post before someone hits me over the head with a shovel).

Lloyd 🙂




3 responses

7 04 2008

Hey guys your blog looks really cool. Your title has a vibrant urban look to it. Plus, I love your name: get over it with the ghetto – an africanized play on the idea of social commentary – thats how I see it anyway 🙂 Your content is organized and accessible. I quite like that you separated your scifest projects from your regular blogs. And finally, those bio pictures… too cool!!

Keep it up ‘Ghettoverit’!


9 04 2008

well lloyd, i’d certainly like to hit you over the head with a shovel. although not because of your blog. the design is very good, i like it alot. so much so, that i’d like to use it for my own blog. oh….wait a second, I am already am. well i won’t diss you guys for changing your design to copy us, coz your header and widgets are different at least, so um…nice header and, er, widgets!

9 04 2008

that last comment was by me, by the way!

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