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4 04 2008
Mzo Budaza

He he, Ta Kev, interesting post Mf’ethu, but you don’t tell us the real reasons why joined some of these societies. The day I met you at the door you told me that you would register only if you were guaranteed of a position in the executive. I promised you that we’ll make a plan–and you fell on a trap. Gotcha! As for Xhosa society, Lucifer (Luvuyo) reminded you of your favourite words that “Township boys shall die or survive together at university,” again you had no choice but to sign. As for the third one, your girlfriend is a comm member–maybe she sweet talked you into registering. Anyway, don’t worry mfana you’ll be moja. How is TV mfana? writing and editing is really boring.

4 04 2008

Ta Lubs don’t worry my brother, keep on signing and you’ll get the positions you want. One day Mzo was telling me how desperate you were for a position in a comm. He went on to say that the reason why he didn’t organise a post for you in his society is because you are stingy. He promised to organise the post for you on condition that you’ll buy him his favourite grass (if you know what I mean) but you refused. But my brother don’t panic–its still time just buy Mzo his weed and you can still get the position. I’m signing off

4 04 2008

Nomawethu good point my sista, those taxi guys behaved in a bad way. Mna ndifuna nje ukukubuza ukuba ingaba ikhona into embi xana umntu ekuncoma ubuhle bakho. Ndithetha ukuthi xana unganconywa ngomnye umntu uzakunconywa ngubani–kuba ungumntu akukwazi ukuzincoma wena.

Much respect

8 04 2008

Mzo, it’s not that I’m discriminating against Xhosa language, but you must also write in English so that we can know what you said. hope next time you’ll use both English and Xhosa.

15 04 2008

I think the worst part about joining a society you didnt intend on joining is when you find out what they actually use all of your money for. I mean let’s face it these comms’ deal with a lot of money all the time and most of them are usually close friends/buddies so when times do get rough on the “Student budget” as they call it ,wouldn’t it be easy to just make up some arbitrary “event” draw some cash from the societies account and use it for your own needs? I mean do we really know where our money goes? Are we ever really shown all the figures? I’ve seen comms hold private braai’s inviting their friends to have drinks on someone else’s money. I’m not pointing fingers just wanted to maybe get you thinking a little bit.

15 04 2008

Nqobile, I agree my sister. But I don’t think every society is just after people’s money–some doing it simply for the love of doing what they are doing. But, you’re right most do hold private parties after the main party

25 10 2008

Nice blog 🙂 Really interesting..

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