Culturally viable?

4 04 2008

By Nqobile Shoba Photo source:

It’s amazing how things can blow out of proportion when they are not spoken about. I was recently in a meeting with fellow journalists who wanted to do a story, concerning the supposed hate between  Zulu’s and Xhosa’s in South Africa. Now I must admit this was a particularly interesting topic for me, as I myself am Zulu yet my parents come from both clans, i.e. my mother is Xhosa and my father Zulu. I believe the measure of this supposed hatred only comes from those close minded backward people, from both clans who can not move on from the wrongs of the past. We all know that Shaka conquered the Xhosa’s and that Mandela became the new Shaka figure for the Xhosa’s when he came into power. What I fail to understand is why both clan’s cant just GHETTOVERIT! Living in a democratic South Africa should mean that we do not base the things that we do now on all the injustices of the past. Then again we are talking about a country that has shaped its identity on the politics of righting all the wrongs of the past.

I think the “Zuma fiasco” as you would call it can be brought up here. To be honest I think the only reason he had such ample support was the fact that he was ZULU. The new Shaka for the Zulu clan. I’m not saying that Thabo may have not been the same for the Xhosa’s but at least Thabo is not a potential president, who still thinks that taking a shower can cure Aids. I guess the Zulu and Xhosa “war” still exists but I’m literally living proof that it’s not true in all cases. Maybe we should make interclan marriages in South Africa a requirement. That’s my solution.




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6 04 2008

There are some disparities in your blog post. Firstly, you refer to yourself as Zulu but you say that your parents are both Zulu and Xhosa. Perhaps then you too think that Zulu is superior?
Secondly, you suggest that we should ghettoverit and that we must accept the roots of South African identities, but then you go on by saying that Zuma is liked because he is Zulu and Thabo because he is Xhosa. Thats a bit bias don’t you think? We shouldn’t make everything an issue of ethnicity but you do it.
Let’s face it, Afrikaners will always have something against the English, Oshiwambo againts Herero and Zulu against Xhosa. It’s Africa and I fear if we make mixed marriages a prerequisite, we will all just homogenise Western culture instead of developing our own. Look at America for example. NEvermind, what do I know…

6 04 2008
Syanda Ngcobo

I think the issue between the Xhosas and Zulus is a psychological one. This problem was brought to us by the Colonialists, who divided us, confused us. Before them were brothers and sisters. I don’t real believe that Zulus and Xhosas don’t like each, but the issue are the stereotypes that we have about one another. For instance Zulus say Xhosa think there are clever that any group in the world. On the other side you will hear Xhosa complaining Zulus are violent and stubborn. But when you get the chance to stay with different group than of yours you get to see that there is no such different. “We are all Africans and proud of our cultures and heritages”. If there is hatred I think it is your role as future journalist to address it.

7 04 2008

“Living in a democratic South Africa should mean that we do not base the things that we do now on all the injustices of the past”. Do we just let our tradition die and Africans die of hunger, and let the foreigners govern us in our land. If you don’t know your history and you are not doing anything about it, you are going a wrong direction. The injustices of the past is the reason why a lot of black are dying, fighting etc, so in order to get our land back as it belongs to the people, so we need to re-visists hostory.

Alna you are correct Unite all people of African ancestry of the world to one great body to establish a country and absolute government of their own, not mention claiming back our land and tradition. Although, I’m skeptical about this as we will cut you off from African traditions!

7 04 2008
Mzo Budaza

I don’t think Zuma is well supported because he is umZulu. Most ANC veterans always say that if you didn’t go to Robben Island you are not regarded as the hero of the struggle. As we know, Mbeki spent most of his time overseas–studying and doing other things as compared to Zuma who doesn’t have formal education. So, the masses identify more with Zuma than the well educated Mbeki. It has nothing to do with Zuma being Zulu and Mbeki being umXhosa.

8 04 2008

Just clear Alna’s confusion. A child belongs to the father NOT the mother, its part of our culture. Moving on, Yes Shaka conquered the Xhosas and I like it. He attacked them because they failed to kick out the white invaders who eventually took over their land.

As to the zuma sagga, i think it is only right to acknoweldge the fact that Zuma earned that position. The man served this country (faithfully or unfaithfully) for far too long and I think its only fair to give him a chance. Or if not he should be sworn in as chief of Nkandla village.

8 04 2008

Azwi, the problem with Xhosas is fair fight, that is why they never and will never win a fight! But this does not mean that Zulus are better fighters, because they get defeated by whites as well. The problem with Zulus is that they are violent no wonder why they attack girls who wears mini-skirts! show them a taxi, they will love you the rest of your life!

9 04 2008

Another attack from the terrible twins on amaXhosa and amaZulu. Brothers, let me tell you straight that we and amaZulu get along very well, I don’t know what’s the fuss all about. You use that taxi accident as if it represents what amaZulu are. There are good examples of unviolent Zulus in your door steps. Just take a look at Syanda Ngcobo, he’s a very proud Zulu and he will never kill a fly! Hangwi and your twin Mk you are just reinforcing the stereotypes that we don’t like each other. As Nguni’s we are brothers and sisters. Xhosa’s were “defeated” by whites because of their respect for women. What happed is that white soldiers ran out of gunpowder in a battle and no one could supply them from their fort. So, a white woman volunteered and the Xhosa worriors let her through simply because she was a woman and they respected women.

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