Who should be blamed for SA’s electricity crisis?

4 04 2008

By Syanda Ngcobo

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It has been a while now that South Africans have been living unhappy lives. People are constantly scared of the evil demon known as “load shedding”.  Who should really take the blame, since both Eskom and the government refuse to do so.  Now the government and Eskom started to point their fingers at the consumers of electricity which does not make any sense to me. The power shortage was known about long time ago. Both sides that were responsible did nothing to prevent it. I think consumers have the right to blame Eskom and the government for the failure to do something. I am just wondering what the minister of Minerals and Energy was doing all along during her term in office. Is she happy now? I think she is. She must be happy because she brought us into this deep mess.

Now, Eskom and the government are ordering people to use the electricity efficiently. But my problem is, what do they mean by efficiently?  People have paid for electricity and need to use it the way they like. And currently Eskom want to increase electricity price by 60 percent.  I think that is ridiculous. How you can do that while people’s demands have not met yet? Eskom expects people to accept this while they spend hours without electricity. I do not want to talk about affordability in terms of who is going to afford and who is not, because I am not COSATU or Zwelinzima Vavi.

Mr. Government and Mr. Eskom you need to address this problem as soon as possible, otherwise South Africa is going down down!




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6 04 2008

Want to know who to blame?

Here it is SAFCEI: Eskom is one of the biggest polluters in the world — from the horse’s mouth!

6 04 2008
Maphuti Mannya

Is this for journ? Anyway I like that its so casual and that u actually bring up the fact that not only do we blame government but government blames us as well (never thought about that). Although, it would have been more interestin if ud played devil’s advocate and showed the rationale behind governments’ strategy and other people who had a hand in this disaster but arent getting blamed (would make for interesting reading). I say this because since this whole saga started a lot of people have had a say on the matter and are all pretty much saying the same thing- its all just venting. Otherwise i think its not to rambly which is great. Nice website btw. Hope this helps.

6 04 2008
Sboniso Ndlovu

Comrade Ngcobo I think you have raise a very serious matter,Government doesnt want to play his game in bringing services to the community how many times this year interest Rates has been increased? We paying Tax on daily basis where is that Money? After this Crisis happen of Eskom CEO was paid couple of millions for their Bonus other side Community is suffuring and They don’t want to be blame is that Make Sense?

I bileave that if we were still having comrades like Chris Hann , Steve Biko etc we will talking something Now. The idea of saving Power is nonsense mind my language it just that this issue it driving me crayz. Trust me next time they will say if you buy a loaf of bread you must eat four Slices a day because there’s a shortage of Resourses. If they saying there’s a shortage of mineral that a silly Excuse so , there are people who are Bludy Paid to do that Job in Fact we are Paying them with our tax money as cetizens of South Africa.

I am definatley not going to Vote in the next Election until This matters has been resolve according and justice to be made

Sboniso Ndlovu

6 04 2008
Lucifa AKA Satan

Hola mfethu! i am not sure if i’ll be off topic…bt i will say whatz inside me. I would like to keep it short & straight to the point. Drawing it back in the ancient times ‘black’ people did not depend on eletricity for their survival bt the ‘white’ people came and introduced it. Now look at the damages & everyone is affected.

I do not care the less if we should live days/months/years without eletricity because as a ‘black’ person i will use my indigenous knowledge and skills and i would survive. I promise you anyone who wants them…..sorry i will not

Finally I still do not care as I like darkness with goes with my name….Lucifa

7 04 2008
Proffesor MC

The question u should ask urself first Ngcobo is why no one from Eskom has not been fired, this means that the government is responsible for this load shedding. Do u remember the death of those babies at frere hospital(not sure about spelling and name) someone was immediately fired 4 that. but why now, no one has been fired ? The funny thing about this thing is that SABC is not affected by this load shedding thing. according to Eskom, SABC is an essential service or is it the money they receive from the SABC? hhhhhhmmmm something fishy is going on here.

7 04 2008

Is this part of journalism? So journ course is much more interesting. Anyway, we shoudn’t blame anyone for this because new technology material are used to improve the South Africa technology which cost Eskom a lot. Most industries use Electric Machines. However, consider the fact that Many rural areas are now got Electricity

8 04 2008

Broer, You want to know who to blame for this mess? You and I for doing nothing about this till it got out of hand. It has been clear for a while that we have lost confidence on Eskom’s ability to supply us with electricity. We should propose a motion of NO confidence against Eskom. Why dont they just change into a Candle manufacturing company? Since they are failing to supply us with electricity they might as well supply us with what we need most, candles.

8 04 2008

Groot man, die probleem is with you, or rather geen probleem at all. I think it is a good thing, coz we longer have dawnies on Tuesdays and Wednesday?so what more do you want? How does electricity affect you as an ordinary somebody?

11 04 2008

Capitalism is to blame for making government and eskom to fail us.

17 04 2008
Mphumeleli Aubrey Ngidi

Eishkom … Amandla comrade Ngcobo. The motion you have submitted concerns us all, including those who bear the onus of proving wrongfulness and inattention behind this disaster. “Is it Eskom or the government who may be audible be worthy of the culpability in question?”, that a question on any South African lips at present and for the next half a decade, should I say.

I do not consider an inference that the blamed parties are escaping the blame. Commit to memory that Mr. ‘load shedding is not a crisis’ Mbeki apologized to the nation with regard to the government inaction when they were alerted by Eskom on the imminent undersized supply of energy demand.
The government took no steps to prevent against the foreseeable possibility, that is, the weakness of power supply. In the concept of ‘government’ the emphasis should focus on the responsible Minister of Minerals and Energy at the time the alert reached her ears that were impaired with deaf. Should the Minister’s doctor have healed the impairment; the Minister now sees how the impairment of her ears have affected the nation, if s/he cares anyway.
Probably s/he have the generator that backs up his suburb house wherever there’s load shedding as compared to the masses of South Africans who are the cornerstone of the country’s economy.

Opposition parties have suggested the sack of minister of Minerals and Energy. I and you concur with the proposal undoubtedly.
But where does that lead us to? Will the sack of the Minister resolve the power problem? Apart from that such Minister has a constitutional obligation to fulfill the duties assigned of.

The answer is a big No; load shedding is in the house for the next something years bro.
In answering the motion you brought forward Mr. Ngcobo, the government deserves the blame. What does Eskom do with the billions they have anyway? I’m just asking?

I intended to persist with my comments but I stopped thinking about saving the file as the power just went off … the load shedding schedule provided in my area did not conform to the time the power was supposed to go off

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