3,2,1…just in time! Whew!

11 04 2008

By Karen Thome

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I’m been at university for about two years now, and in that time I can honestly not think of a time where I have ever done work in advance to save myself the stress and fatigue of pulling an all- nighter. fact is, I am notorious for leaving my work for the last minute, and I know many other students who are the same. I always beat myself up about it, telling myself I wasn’t diligent enough, and not enough of an eager beaver.

So- I decided to do an experiment, and I started an essay 3 whole days before it was due! I handed it in about 8 hours before the deadline and was quite pleased with myself. I had always told myself i would do this one day, and now I had finally done it! But then a terrible feeling of disatisfaction started to overwhelm me…this was hopelessly confusing! What could this mean? I had finally done something that for so long I had been unable to do, and now I wasn’t feeling so great about it.

Then it came to me, doing work in advance completely removes the rush out of a deadline. Essay writing isn’t all that fun so one needs something to keep the thrills coming. There is great satisfaction that comes with looking at one’s watch, clicking on “print” and waiting for the oh so sweet words of that pop- up, “printed successfully”. And even more pleasure in testing out one’s sprinting skills and landing your four pages of blood sweat and tears in that wooden box, which holds your fate- just on time! And then comes the best part… crawling into bed and having a well deserved, deep sleep.

So what I want to know is, Who agrees with me? Am I just being sadistic? Or do we need to create a rush out of the mundane? is procrastination a sport for the brave?




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11 04 2008

The adrenaline that pumps through your veins when you are not quite sure whether you are going to get anything done, is certainly the equivalent of a university extreme sport. More dangerous than bush diving, more life threatening and infinitely more satisfying is the feeling when you manage to acheive the seemingly impossible-finish that assignment when you know you started too late. However I too have often wondered why we do this? Why is procrastination such a widely appreciated talent that is possessed by so many people? Why do something now when you can put it of for later? Perhaps its just that some people work best underpressure, that you feel you don’t get the most out of yourself until you really push yourself to the edge and perhaps the easiest way of pushing ourselves is by testing our time constraints. Either that or we get some strange pleasure from making ourselves suffer. I’m not entirely sure, but the one think I am sure of, is that this way of doing things is not going to change anytime soon.

11 04 2008

I agree with B. I do believe that especially most of the Journos enjoy working under pressure. It is exillirating and to some extent extent it is preparing us for the real world. I personally love leaving things to the last minute unless it’s something I really look forward to doing. (like editing!)
And no, this will never change. Students are infamous for pulling all-nighters!

11 04 2008

So I’m not a self-hating person who has caused herself frequent anxiety attacks because I’m addicted to that adrenaline rush? Yeay!! I’ve found that all the essays I do in advance get me the worst marks!

15 04 2008

I think that doing work under pressure only serves to help us journo’s who are are going to be living underpressure throughout our lives anyway. Its the nature of the business, why not get used to it now? I think the feeling of accomplishing what you need to accomplish should be reward enough. Whether you atrted the essay a week in advance or two hours in advance, I say at least be proud that you did something. I mean I ve got to be honest I hate those know it all people who always act like they’re better than everybody else just because they’ve completed their essay before you, which automatically in their books makes them smarter than you..Nonsense , different strokes for different folks…wait till we’re working side by side in the same newsroom , doing the same job and getting the same damn pay….who’s laughing now huh?

15 04 2008

I always tell myself that I’m gonna do my work on time, but it just does not happen. I always leave things to the last moments.
This year I attended time management workshop hoping that things will change, but nothing has changed. I do not agree with those who say that working underpressure helps. For me, it makes things worse because most essays have lots of spelling mistakes.

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