“Take it off, take it all off!”

11 04 2008

By Bianca Silva

 Photo source: http://www.anecdotage.com/

“Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!” Whilst that may sound like a rather intriguing opening line to a blog piece I assure you that when it is being shouted out by a large mass of females in a club with one day left until the weekend, it is enough to drive fear into the very soul of anyone sober.

For some unfathomable reason I thought it would be fun to go a once-off College evening where boys were stripping (just down to their underwear) and I thought it was for charity, I may have been wrong though. Perhaps I am just optimistic and thought it would be fun and done in good taste. However half-way through the night I couldn’t help but feel as if I was in a butchery and the half exposed male specimen on the make-shift stage was just a piece of meat being hackled over. They looked like half-helpless prized cows which if not sacrificed to one of the “goddesses” (or any diva in tiny clothes with organs freshly marinated by the free punch) then that poor man would be ripped to shreds, like stale left-overs thrown to enraged Tasmanian devils. 

Now to understand the full extent how much that grosses me out you must know that I am a vegetarian. You should also know that whilst I fully respect animal rights, that is not why I am a vegetarian, meat simply makes me feel ill, as does the thought of it. So far fish is the only thing I can stomach. Back to my tangent…

Now I suppose it would be possible to pull Sigmund Freud or some other theorist out of your handbag and say that the women enjoy those nights so much because for a change they are not being objectified. It was Plush who said, “Women walk around with mace in their bags, just a piece of meat waiting to be tagged, oh I can believe this happens in my land, I can’t believe the value of the Rand.” Whilst I’m all for feminine rights I still can’t wrap my head around this ‘objectify each other thing’ and call me old fashioned or bad at maths but when did two wrongs make a right? If you could rank how much we (as a society) value human beings by using a currency, I think we would be using Zimbabwean dollars. Sadly Zimbabwean jokes are still priceless.

Last year I wrote an article on child trafficking. The story looked at how there was no legislation which criminalised child trafficking and how if this was not rectified by 2010 it could be a big problem. The scary thing is that we need to tell people child trafficking is wrong. To me it’s such a strange concept that people can be bought, modern day slavery anyone? Although we claim to have slavery it there are still people who hand out money and things happen, often very inhumane things. We have human rights organisations, we are humans and yet we cannot stop human rights violations from happening. People marry for money, people have sex for money, people strip for money and people will even willingly lose their dignity for money. Either we have a very weak currency or very desperate people.

Whilst there is no harm that was done to the “strippers” last night and it was all done in good spirit (or for many I am sure, too many spirits), there is still something that smells rotten about it. But perhaps I’m just a jaded individual, or perhaps the human butchery really does stink. Anyway you decide.




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11 04 2008

Rights for women certainly are important and times definitely are changing. If you think about it: We now have more stay-at-home dads than ever before, but men still have no say as to whether or not their partner should/may abort a baby.
I do think the stripper thing is perhaps a bit “over-the-edge” but if you think about how lucrative the sex industry is and how many women go through that extent of objectification to make ends-meat – – – I say “TAKE IT OFF GUYS. TAKE IT OFF!”

11 04 2008

hey b!
awesome post!
theres this cool thing u can do so that u can make a word a hyperlink to another webpages. so where u mention ur article on iol, u dont have to have the whole url in ur blog.
wen u edit ur blog, just highlight the word u wanna make a hyperlink, click on the chain icon in the tool bar thing, and insert the url into the little box that pops up. viola!

11 04 2008

In an ideal world us women could sit men down, tell them how objectifying us makes us feel, and men would become hugely apologetic and send us all flowers. Sadly though there seems no other way to get through to men but by giving them a taste of the same treatment =0/ which ultimately takes one in vicious circles, but It seems though that protesting words fall on deaf ears when it comes to horny males, so then what else can a girl do…
maybe we should all start cat calling, and slap their bumcheeks out our car windows as we drive past them on sidewalks!?! =)

12 04 2008
Stag Parties MN

Awesome blog, I’ve been a reader of your blog for a while now, probably one of the best I have come across, very informative.. Keep up the great work, Josh.

15 04 2008

I love this post Bee!!!

I wish we could rectify the objecting each other’s body thing but I dont think that will ever happen..Maybe in alternative universe. To be honest I think that the problem still remains highly occupied at a grassroots level. I’m not saying that it is only here that women (for the most part) experience their bodies being objectified but to be honest I think that women in the township for example experience more harrasment ,physically and emotionallly by men who treat them like nothing more than objects , than women who live in the suburbs. Am I wrong? I could be. I mean I walk outside my digs every day and find myself being cat called by these weird idots who think that just because they have a car and the trendiest shades they can offer me a ride to lectures ,whilst subsequently undressing me with their eyes… Maybe a guy opinion would be helpful on this topic, seems most of the men have shyed away from commenting?

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