Young Racists in Cyberspace

13 04 2008

By Alna Dall,

There are Afrikaners who are allowed to start racist groups on Facebook and who promote discrimination with the use of the internet. Francois Rank wrote an article about these worthless individuals in the Sunday Times, 13 April.

Check out the article and some of the narrow-mindedly written comments here.

My comment is under the username “dolla”.




10 responses

15 04 2008

My sista, I’ve read your comment and it seems as if what you’ve read makes you ashamed of being an Afrikaaner. Don’t be. Yes, there are many Afrikaaners–especially in die klein dorpe–who are really backward thinking. I am umXhosa and see myself very fortunate to have lived with both Afrikaaners and English speakers. Let me tell you that I prefer living with Afrikaaners rather than with English speakers, simply because if the Afrikaaner hates you s/he will let you know, that ‘s also the case when s/h loves you–they will let you know. That’s in contrast with most English speaking people who live under false pretence. Once again, I don’t see a need to feel ashamed as an Afrikaaner living in Mzansi.

16 04 2008

Thank you PapaG for that lovely comment!

16 04 2008

I read the article as well. The is one thing I like about the article is that Afrikaaners are trully South African unlike English people if politics discriminate they go back to their country of origin. Papa.G. is also racist, cos he is umxhosa, so what is wring of being Afrikaaner. Besides there is hundrends of Zulus on facebook, are they racist as well. Black South African do say bad thing about white people, are they racists!

16 04 2008

Tshepiso at Rhodes, started Biko thing! just opened Xhosa open society! this year? I like what Mdu said, how do you label people like him, surely he loves being black and Xhosa and he is proud of it! Mdu, I agree with you, Afrikaaners belongs to this country even if they were bad during apartheid. so you tell me what’s the difference between blacks who are proud of BEE and Afrikaaners who were proud of Apartheid, is there any difference! Blacks were doing the same thing as this guys are doing during apartheid, so nothing is wrong with that. Economic pressure lead them to do that. South Africa is really cutting Afrikaaners off and it makes me worry, this guys loves SA, people are just Vendas, Zulus, Xhosas and the guy who said rainbow nation only existed in paper was right. So let the Afrikaaners be proud of being Afrikaaners and if ANC is fucked it’s just fucked.

17 04 2008

Mk and Mdu, it seems as if you didn’t understand my point. I din’t say Afrikaners are wrong or what so ever. My point was that I prefer living with Afrikaners simply because they will tell you how the feel about you (which is not a wrong thing!). As for Xhosa society, make no mistake! that society was established after careful thought and lots of consultation. The end product? The membership of that society ( including the comm.) is very diverse. We have people of races. Mk what you don’t want is to give Tsepiso credit for thegood thing he’s done. Oh! do you know that Tsepiso is not umXhosa! his name and surname says it all–you just assumed that because he’s from eRhini and speaks isiXhosa as a first language, he’s umXhosa. Nee, my broer Tsepiso is nie Xhosa nie.

17 04 2008

Papa.G. “My point was that I prefer living with Afrikaners simply because they will tell you how they feel about you (which is not a wrong thing!).” So even if they tell you that you are a baboon, that’s cool for you?

The Afrikaaners are just creating collective identity and also expressing themselves about the political situation in South Africa.

17 04 2008

Hey PapaG, what are you trying to say about Tsepiso? Tsepiso always say he is proud Xhosa, but you on the otherside “uthi Akasiye umXhosa”.

19 04 2008

greetings ma britheren and sistrens…whatagwan here!!! if ya need enlightment bout da society n da group i opened on facebook…ask me….plz stop makin lazy assumptions

21 04 2008

Mdu I understand “PapaG’s” point very. By saying that he prefers people who are open doesn’t mean that he will blindly accept insults. After all, being open is different from insulting. Just as freedom of speech is different from hate speech. Your baboon example is more an insult than being open. Is it OK for you to stay with someone who say one thing in front of you and say another behind your back?

30 11 2008

“There are Afrikaners who are … worthless individuals”

And you have the racist sign crossed over why??? Oh sister .. why can’t you think?

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