inflation rate

17 04 2008

by Nomawethu Solwandle

i was in res for 2years and in my second year i decided that im my third year i wanted to move out. i spoke to my parents about it and they had no problem with it. we even presumed that it would be cheaper then res. first couple of months were pretty comfortable, i loved my space and the tranquility. little did i know that there may be problems later.

yesterday i went to go and do my groceries. WOOOOOOOOOOW!!! i was shocked. well, i knew that the inflation rate was up but i think i may have underestimated it just a bit. something that i bought for like R16 last month was now R22. what the hell? i literally stood infront of a product for altleast five minutes before buying it because i was forced think whether i needed it or not, can i afford it or do i have enough money to get it.

i do not even want to talk about cooking oil and rumour has it that the price is still to rise. what am i going to do with this problem? with the rand being at a stand still, i think this problem is going to affect many. everything seems to be going up.

i mean as a student there is alot that i can give up to be in control of the situation. maybe give up a couple of nights out, eating out and a bit of shoppping, but imgine those families that live on the pension grant? mostly more than five individuals in a household. how do they cope? they have to eac, they have to dress and children need to go to school. with prices rising everyday, where do they get the money to fund everything?

i was so shocked yesterday that i told people to stay at home or in res if they can help it. res might be expensive but atleast you do not actually have to see the cashier adding more into what you have to pay. it is very traumatising! three plastic bags of nonsense amounted up to like R300.

living alone i do not eat much, so i buy little things, imagine having to buy real groceries for a household. oh well, all i can say is… “Mama i feel you when you say you’re broke a day after you were paid… ” DAMN!




4 responses

18 04 2008

Noma, I wonder whether our prac and you not knowing what the inflation rate is, had anything to do with this article? =)

18 04 2008

I couldn’t agree more. It’s a Friday night and what am I doing for entertainment? Reorganising my cupboards. Why? Because I can’t afford to be sitting drinking copious amounts of alcohol with friends. Okay not like I would be doing that anyway but the point is that my monthly ‘salary’ just isn’t stretching far anymore at all, and it’s depressing. It’s not like I waste money either because I’m not one to go out every weekend and spend hundreds on alcohol, and my shopping urges have died down, but groceries are just costing a fortune! Now, I could spend the rest of my days eating 2 minute noodles but then I’ll be spending my savings on doctors visits for poor nutrition and high colestrol. So now what am I supposed to do? Ask the parents for more money? I can’t! I also convinced them that digs was so much cheaper than res because this time last year when I was deciding my plans for this year it was much cheaper! Now I’m just left with guilt. It’s not cool.

29 04 2008

Noma girl.. I agree . I by groceries for myself and sometimes it’s just not cool how much things have gone up. I left res coz i WANTED TO EAT REAL FOOD, BUT NOW THE FOOD i EAT IS REAL EXPENSIVE!!! I can’t help but thik of all those people who reply on the basics to survive eg bread, mealie-meal. I’m really blessed to be able to eat a decent meal but really happens to those who use their last pennies to make sure their families have something to eat? We may think bread at R6,00 is no “biggie” but an extra R2,00 can go a long way when you’re fighting to feed a family of 8.

I don’t know this inflation thing just makes angry:(

8 10 2008

Its’ not only the inflation thats worrying if you think about it. What does inflation signal? Recession- what scares me is that the country’s economy is heading downwards and soon we’ll be graduating- where will we find jobs?? Adding to this is the political state of the country even further adding to economic instability in SA. Tough times!

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