we are lucky

17 04 2008

by Nomawethu Solwandle

we walk around campus everyday and we actually do not know how lucky we are. first of all we should be thankful that we are such an institution, to be getting such an education at such a prestigious University.

most importantly though, i think we are lucky to be in such a diverse university, with the different cultures that are embraced. we can learn so much from each other, but do we ever do this? how many Xhosa people are pushing to learn more about the Zimbabweans, pushing it further maybe even learn Shona. how many Tswana people on campus push to learn more about the Xhosa culture or even their language?

this is pretty much rare. why are we not taking advantrage of such opportunities? i mean they are right infront of us and we do not even have to pay a cent.

i say lets take this opportunity to learn more about each other, stop being ignorant and use the resources that are right infront of us.




5 responses

18 04 2008

What am I going to do with Xhosa culture or Tsonga culture! It’s not like people don’t wanna learn Xhosa language or culture, it’s about is it worth it to learn! For myself, I rather learn American culture instead of learning Tswana, Pedi or any African culture just because it’s similar and I’ve got nothing to do with it!

18 04 2008

I forget to remind you (noma) not to problematise my “American Culture” coz we all understand what’s “American culture”.

21 04 2008

I agree Nomawethu, we should learn more from people like lmkateko and Azwihangwisi. These boys are very fluent in isiXhosa, isiZulu, English and Afrikaans (in addition to their home languages). I am told that lmkateko is taking French lessons these days–he’s been using words like “bonjour”, “au revoir” and “merci mille fois” (don’t ask me what they mean).

6 05 2008
zandi N.

And yet Mk is talking about why should he learn other African languages while he can speak all these languages, well bhuti stop confusing abantu please.

7 05 2008

Zandi whats down with you … are u still around …are u still doing botany–studying plants. leave journos alone plants are waiting for u

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