Street Kids

19 04 2008

By Lubabalo Dada

I used to feel sorry for street kids, thinking that they have no other option but to beg. And after having interviews with some street kids I thought that these guys are really suffering. Most of them said they use money to buy food and contribute to their families.

They are telling us lies. They are not hungry as one may think. These guys have food and a warm place to sleep. They are just pretending to be helpless. I used to volunteer at Eluxolweni Shelter, and would recognise some faces from the street. These guys eat and at a particular point in time they are allowed to get out of the shelter and come back later. Some go to town to beg and use the money to buy cigarettes.

Those who leave the shelter do so because they do not want to be controlled. So they stay in streets looking helpless. The stories that they tell about them being helpless are exaggerated, they want people to feel sorry for them.




9 responses

21 04 2008

Lubabalo why are you attack your friends like this? These boys take you as a role model because you are one of the very few students who are accessible to them. Have you tried to show them the importance of staying in the shelter rather than in the streets? I’m sure they would have listened because you are almost the same age with them. Please don’t give up on these boys–they respect you!

21 04 2008

I agree with Louisie, Kev how do you know that these street kids use the money they are getting from studentsfor drugs. Surely you hang out with them. I’ve got a feeling that you are a boss and then they work for you!thanks for letting us know how you and your company spend our money.

21 04 2008

Ta Kev are you a mafia these days! I didn’t know that your relationship with these boys go beyond story ideas for Grocott’s Mail (someone next to me is whispering about drugs). If these allegations are true, please don’t dump amagenge–some people are starting to accuse you of dumping these boys because you are close to getting your Degree! This is what I’ve heard, I don’t know how true it is

24 04 2008

Guys this is not some kind of a joke nhe!!! Louise, i don’t understand the point that you are trying to make. These boys ( am refering to those who ran way from the shelter) had a choice to stay there and benefit ,bt they preferred to go to the streets because abafuni kulawulwa. So people should not feel sorry for these guys as if they have no place to stay. What am saying is that, we should stop giving these guys food/money because we encourage them to keep felling sorry for themselves. We should tell them that imali iyasetyenzelwa ( money does nt grow on trees).

MK, you know as well as I do that ezantwana ziyatshaya, so dont pretend as if awuyazi lonto! I wont comment abt the other rubbish you wrote Bubuvuvu ke obu!(I’ve got a feeling that you are a boss and then they work for you!thanks for letting us know how you and your company spend our money).Sometimes it is better to keep quiet if you have nothing to say.

28 04 2008
zandi N.

So what are you saying, that we must stop giving these children money. If you could wake up one day as a street child how would u feel. I am not saying those children are RIGHT but they are better than the people who kill other people for no particular reason. These children stand there and beg for food nstead of killing someone and vandalizing some schools. Remember, its up to u to give or not to give Sir.

28 04 2008

Constructive thinking? Kev if you have any beef with the street kids leave them alone, because they never asked you for cash and they will never do that. I’m really surprised that someone like you said the above nonsense. Zandi, thanks for the comment, those kids don’t force you, but they only beg. However, why is it only boys who beg, I never met a she beggar.

28 04 2008
Mzoxolo Budaza

Zandi N, did you understand Lubabalo’s point or are you happy to see these boys and girls begging. Lubabalo’s point is that the more we give them money, the more they run away from the shelter. Jane Bradshaw is spending her time an money making sure those kids have better education and shelter–now you are suggesting that we should keep on giving them money [which means that we are contributing in them not leaving the streets].

29 04 2008
zandi N.

Mzo dear, I am not saying that we should be giving those children money but I am saying that what wrong did they do by just standing there and beg for money or food. Should we shout at them and say hey nina go back to ur shelter? All I am saying is that begging is better than breaking into someone’s room and steal whatever is available. Maybe its time we wake up and see the world through their eyes don’t you think. Those children are teaching us that it is better to beg for something than taking it by force (I am referring to the rapists ke ngoku)

30 04 2008

Begging is not the best thing street kids can do–especially when they have opportunities not to do so. One thing leads to another, and this kids can easily end up stealing if they are not doing that already. What happens if they get niks at the end of the day. Do they go back home empty handed (whereever “home” is), I don’t think so. Begging is just the same as taking something by force. What if someone begs you to give them your right arm? Do you give them because they are not taking it by force.
If you are really concerned about their well being, you should think twice before giving them money. Aren’t you making sure that there are more and more street kids in the street. You should come to this town in the middle of December and see how many kids are there in the streets? Where do they go during the holidays? They go back to their families and relatives. Perhaps, the students and other outsiders are the ones who contribute to this problem..

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