Raging Bull

29 04 2008

By Nqobile Shoba

On the issue of David Bullard. One would be easily swayed into believing that his dismissal was more than justifiable. The white man who disowned and patronized his fellow African brothers and sisters has been punished for his racist lies. Yet one forgets the very logistics that lie behind the practice of journalism, that supported David. What I’m trying to say is , where were the sub-editors and the very editor who let his article go to print? The are just as guilty when it comes to the ethics and principles that come with printing such an article. David was let down in this instance as the support structures that hold him as a journalist became the very attackers that would bring him down, labelling him a racist.

It saddens me to think that we have not moved on from such petty illustrations of post apartheid squabble. Let’s be honest if this article had been written by a black journalist, no one would have batted an eye-lid. I may be over simplifying the matter, yet I think we also have to acknowledge that what David is proposing is nothing new, there are thousands of anthropological articles written by black academics ,on similar lines, that cause little if not no impact at all. That aside the idea that this article was anything new or not is besides the point. I guess what I’m trying to say is that let’s move beyond whether the article was right or wrong and examine how the situation was handled.

Out to lunch is supposed to be a controversial column, even if one believes that David over stepped the mark, the discrepancies in his dismissal are undeniable and for me seem to hold a double standard in terms of the very values that journalism is to up hold. One should forget race and look at ethics as the determent of such decisions, but then again this is just an opinio




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29 04 2008
Mzo Budaza

My sister I also believe that the article shouldn’t have been published in the first place…but the bottom line is that the article was racist and I’ll remember Bullard as a racist from England.

29 04 2008

Mzo Budaza, controvesial articles increases the sells of the paper, The editor does not read columns or stories or what so ever, so the article being published is not his problem. Lastly, I think Bullard just expressed himself, and that was not racism at all. I call that creative writing, I’m not sure about other people.

Bullard wrote controvesial and interesting articles for 14 years, so what else do black people want.

30 04 2008

anarchy! shoot the editor!
you can’t say that controversy sells newspapers and then fire the guy who wrote the article. I think it was a typical scapegoat occurence.

30 04 2008

What ethics?
I agree with Mduduzi, Bullard was working for the newspaper for a long time and there was no need for sub-editors to read his column before print. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was not their duty, but if you know as a sub -editor that a person has written a lot of articles for you, you end up developing that element of trust and this applies to this sagga as well.

Forget about how the situation was handled! that article was rubbish, that was not controversy but an insult to the black nation. Freedom of expression, why can’t he express himself about white people not us blacks.

My sister you are right, if you say that if it was written by a black person should have been not a big deal, there reason is that he should have expressed himself about his own people. That article goes beyond eurocentricism and I call it kak.

Lastly, there is even no need to question the editors and sub-editors because the article was kak.

30 04 2008

That racist Bullard is gone and the FBJ boys are happy? Let’s go to Kulati and celebrate! Black man you are no longer on your own….one Azania one Nation. Eishi! guys you managed to establish your forum…..please help me change this country to AZANIA, You know why? TunisIA is not called North Africa, TanzanIAa is not called East Africa, they tried to call NamibIA SWE and failed, so lets have our own …IA ( AZANIA Ilizwe lokhokho bethu, malibuye!

30 04 2008

Eish …I meantt SWA

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