Scorpions to be dissolved!

7 05 2008

by Nomawethu Solwandle

I have been following the news very closely lately with the ANC wanting to dissolve the Scorpions crime unit to place another unit in its place. Although I have been following this story closely I still do not know or understand their reasons in doing that.

I think that this crime unit has done this country alot of justice when it comes to crime and what I like most about them is the fact that they were not scared to expose even the high and mighty politicians of this country,  they just did what they had to do to make South Affrica a better place.

Is it not ironic that the ANC wants to dissolve the Scorpions while Zuma has not yet finished his trial? I mean we all know  the Scorpions are good and they get to the the bottom of a story. Ironically Zuma happens to be the president of this party that wants the Scorpions to be dissolved… mhmmm. I don’t know if it’s me or everyone else can see how politicians are getting away with things simply because they have the power to do so.

Then we talk about democracy and how the citizens of South Africa come first when decisions are being made, I’m not too sure about that because in this case the safety and rights of South Africans comes first but they are being denied these rights because those above them can call the shots according to thier needs and desires.

I don’t know but this is my opinion. I do not think that the Scorpions should be dissolved at all because they have done wonders for this country, but then again it doesn’t matter what I think… the rulling party has made its decision and we as South Africans simply have to abide and live  with those decisions.

someone please tell me why they are dissolving the Scorpions again?






4 responses

7 05 2008

scorpions are weak…they run after anc leaders as if they are the only corrupt people in this country….we also have corrupt journalists–those who still or buy our beloved Dr Beetroot’s medical documents…so let the politicians help themselves in the money…we’ll also get there…just join the anc so that you won’t be left out…as they say we didn’t struggle to be poor…go on comrades what you are doing is not corruption….you are repaying yourselves for the sacrifices. so let the scorpions go…they are an obstacle

7 05 2008

Tony, good point, we inherited this exploitation thinking from colonisation, in other words, South African leaders are not corrupt, but they are broke so they are trying to cut some cake as well. Zuma is one of the poorest leaders?and he deserves to be in jail.

7 05 2008

our leaders are not corrupt, they are broke! that’s true mk

1 05 2009

i totally disagree with you imkateko that our leaders are broke and they are trying to to cut some cake.

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