Housing in SA

27 05 2008


By Dada Lubabalo

 The department of housing hopes  to eradicate informal houses by the end of 2014 and replace them with RDP houses. This seems like a good idea, but I just wonder if this will be possible to achieve since there have been problems with underspending. If we look at Eastern Cape for instance, the department of housing was allocated more than I billion rand but the department failed to spend that money.  The National department of housing took 500 million from the province and gave it to other provinces that know how to spend money.

I don’t understand why the housing department is underspending because there are people that still need houses, but the department failed to reach out to those people. For instance, in Grahamstown there are still some ghetto areas; there is a place called Endlovini in extension seven. There is no electricity in that area and no flushing toilets.Makana is just building houses next to the national road .Even some of this house are in poor conditions; they don’t have ceilings and they are cracking. They are just like ghettos because when it’s cold people have to sleep wearing clothes. So what is the difference between these houses and Ghettos? To me there is no difference at all because when it is raining people have to move around the house to look for a place that is not leaking. I don’t think that houses should be like this.

It is clear that it’s not that the province does not have enough funds to build proper hoses. The money is there, but those who are supposed to deliver are not doing their job properly.  Maybe it’s high time that we as citizens stand up and call upon the Premier to suck those who are not performing. I am quite certain that our honourable Premier won’t think twice about it because she is good at dismissing people that are not doing their job.

The Eastern Cape is leading when it comes to poor expenditure, followed by Limpopo and Free State.  All of the above mentioned provinces spent less than a half of what they were allocated. What does this say about our leaders? Well I guess the answer to this question is simple. They are just not capable of doing their job.








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