Check in on this blog regularly for a dose of sometimes funny, sometimes questionable and at at times (though not too often) serious blogging.

“Ghettoverit” is maintained by a group of very eager and quite talented 3rd year Journalism students at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, who will be doing their best to entertain you (we have no choice, we’re actually getting marked for this thing so it better be good).


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4 03 2008

and KK says. GHET (the f*@k)OVERIT

11 03 2008

KK ukrwada bra, dont be rude…

4 04 2008

IF this blog were my age, I would ask it out…

7 04 2008

sadly it’s only a couple of weeks old.

9 04 2008

Hi Wednesday clan

News on the street is that you’ve just made it into the top 200 blogs on Amatomu – congrats guys!

That said, I’d just like to say that the Thursday group feels honoured that you followed our lead in selecting such a great layout for your blog. It’s nice to have some sort of amalgamation between us. I also like the way you’ve made it your own and carried the ‘ghetto’ theme throughout the blog; paying attention to the finest detail. Consistency is always good.

Great content too! It seems you’ve got your groupies that are always keen to make a comment. Afterall, as journalists we need to get people talking so you’ve done your job there!

Just keep it going guys… interested to see what’s new next time I procrastinate.

10 04 2008

Hi guys!

Just to reiterate what Dangirl said, congrats on making it to the top 200! Who said students can’t make it happen hey?! (I don’t actually know if someone said that, but maybe they did).

10 04 2008

Hi (again) Ghettoverit team!

I much prefer your current blog theme to your old one. The old one gave the impression of the page being smaller, the font was very small and the page looked a bit too text heavy. Also the dark colours didn’t give it a very youthful vibe. But this one! Really really like it. I love your nameplate/image header at the top, it has a very funky graffiti-style look as well as your hilarious individual pictures (Lloyd’s and Siyanda’s are my favourite). It definitely looks like a blog created by young interesting people, and I’m sure will attract the type of readers you are targeting. This style continues throughout the blog and your last few posts in terms of images and text are especially consistent in layout. It has a very ‘online newspaper’ feel with the way the pictures and text are presented. However some of your earlier posts are not accompanied by pictures, which I feel help in breaking up the text, adding visual interest to the page and making the post not look so daunting to read. I also liked that you separated your videos from your home page, it allows for more structure, and also de-clutters the home page. All in all, a great looking blog! As Eliecer Diaz would have said “I LIKE!”

10 04 2008

Hello ghettoverit,

I disagree with fatz and say that I like your old theme better. Plus this one looks a little familiar.
Your style is really cool. I love the nameplate and the photos of you guys. They look really cool. Your content is interesting. Sometimes a little hard to follow. Your pictures are really cool. As much as I want to, I can’t really find much to criticise on your blog. Well done.

11 04 2008

Whaddup Wednesday

I really like your layout and theme, everything is well-structured and easy to navigate. All the elements of the page work nicely together: I especially love the nameplate and how the style of it correlates to the ghetto feel you were obviously going for. It’s cool how you found ways to incorporate so much colour both through the nameplate and bio pictures. The whole thing feels very young and very South African.

Also I really really like your content, especially the stuff by Lloyd and Bianca: you guys manage to present serious issues in an entertaining not-boring way which is really hard to do properly!

11 04 2008

Hey competition!

Congrats for putting a splendid blog together! It looks professional especially now that you’ve changed your theme and incorporated graphics into the blog title and pictures. You’re wining on the amatomu.com side of things and if I’m not mistaken, you organised your blog into a ‘home’ page and an ‘our work’ page before us! Shot! Your blog is now a lot easier to browse through. I enjoy reading your content, Lloyd you go seuntjie! Keep it up.

11 04 2008

Over 400 hundred hits in a week, 197 on amatomu.com guys? We rock!! Michelle great work on the the graphics-they’re amazing! Except Lubabalo’s picture on my name’s not cool (no offence Dada) tried fixing it with fail. Think we still need work in terms of filling in the gaps and putting things where they should be. Generally a job well done by all 😀

14 04 2008

The ghetto looks good, your blog have a solid visual structure, and it also builds some kind of a bridge between the content and its presentation. Well, the blog is beautiful and outstanding it’s a real ghetto, politics, religion, gender relate to the name of the blog, ghetto.

14 04 2008

The blog is looking good. I like the fact that you guys have decided to separate things according to categories. It helps us the reader navigate your blog unlike having everything on one page. The pictures are quite nice, they definitely hooked into some stories I would not have looked if they had no pictures.

29 04 2008

Yeah the blog looks cool.;) props guys

4 05 2008

Ello Wednesday folk

A slick looking blog you have got here. I must say there was a bit of a whooha about your theme being identical to ours in the beginning but that’s all water under Cotch Creech bridge. Dope name plate and ‘who are we’ page is really really cool so major props for that. The 2008 National Arts Fest page is really cool too especially since the fest hasn’t even started but you guys are on the ball with it. Overall, well done on a really super blog 🙂 Don’t know about Grahamstown being the ghetto though…

25 10 2008


I am a university student also doing a project and I can’t seem to find a contact email to email any queries, I am currently based in the UK and need so desperately some first hand information on living in South Africa, especially in terms of the Architecture, what the Architecture is like currently for places such as Klerksdorp/Matlosana & Jouberton, what people would like the architecture to be like and such…

Thanks 🙂

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