What Programme ?

30 05 2008

By Nqobile Shoba

The Reconstruction and Devleopment programme was implemented by the ANC almost fourteen years ago. The programme was put in place in order to aid the poorest of the poor. According to the ANC’s Reconstruction and development programme monitor website

The RDP is a plan to address the many social and economic problems facing our country – problems such as…

  • violence
  • Iack of housing
  • Iack of jobs
  • inadequate education and health care
  • Iack of democracy
  • a failing economy.

However like many of the programmes put in place by our beloved government it has dismally failed. Besides the fact that almost half the houses that it builds for our poverty stricken South Africa are dismal, dispicably put together pieces of somewhat thrown together architecture, they have become no more than just money making schemes for poor and rich alike. I guess the question on everybody’s mind right now is ” What the hell is she talking about?” Well it is common knowledge, and by common knowledge I mean to the gossip mongers/ local church going folk in the townships, and the local governement in any city or town in South Africa that these so called RDP houses for the poor are given and awarded to those who have connections within the local governement. This is despite the fact that there are individuals who have been waiting on the list for more than ten years, to get ann RDP house.

Whilst covering a television news story in Vukani , Grahamstown about the renting out of these houses, I met a few individuals who had been waiting for ten years or more. In fact these were the individuals who were forced to rent out the RDP houses from local fat cats keen to pocket extra money from the poor. If not the fat cats it’s the local people from the townships themselves who somehow strike a connection with the local municipality, or its councilors and mange to own more than two houses in two different township areas, to only spend the profits they gain on alcohol or running a shebeen anyway.

The problem here is that no one takes the blame for what is clearly a system riddled with corruption. When one asks the local municipality about the awarding of RDP houses we are only told that they are not responsible for the awarding of houses and we should speak to the construction companies in charge ,The ANC has its promises. Free housing was one of them. I’m still baffled by the fact that people have waited this long for such a basic need.

used to complain about squatter camps but what else are the poor to do. If you can not afford rent, been waiting for more than ten years for a house, why not but build one? I think that is real vision and courage. So the rich get richer whilst the poor as they say get poorer . So as I switch off my bedroom light in my furnished home , slip into my warm bed I realize how lucky I am to have four sturdy cement walls  to shelter me. Paying for a free house? I don’t get it.


Young Racists in Cyberspace

13 04 2008

By Alna Dall,

There are Afrikaners who are allowed to start racist groups on Facebook and who promote discrimination with the use of the internet. Francois Rank wrote an article about these worthless individuals in the Sunday Times, 13 April.

Check out the article and some of the narrow-mindedly written comments here.

My comment is under the username “dolla”.

Facebook and its false hooks

9 04 2008

By Nompumelelo Ngubeni

Apparently depression levels have escalated amongst South African university students since the inception of Facebook. Well, that’s of the 179 friends I have on Facebook, a good 75% of them are depressed. What has caused this acute and in some cases severe depression you may ask? The “fabulous, exciting and amazing” lives of others! Imagine this scenario: you reunite with an old high school friend on Facebook who was fat and boring and as a result you were her only friend cause you felt sorry for her. Now she has pictures up of herself and cool-looking people in every second club in joburg. Weight all gone, glasses replaced with contact lenses and boring wiped off with a wide seemingly genuine smile. Erm? When did all of this happen? You, the previously popular person are fat and boring with no interesting friends.

There are just too many things to deal with: a recent ex-boyfriend who has changed his relationship status to: “In a relationship with…” while yours still says “single”. Friends who’ve added the “places I have travelled” application and circled seven international countries, four of which you have always wanted to visit but will never be lucky or rich enough to visit. The worst is probably being subjected to people’s well-being updates when the last thing you want to read about is just how happy other people are with their lives because of this that or the other.

As I said, these are stories that I have heard from the 75% of my Facebook friends and these are just the only ones brave enough to say something about it. What we forget though when we’re engulfed in self-pity and sometimes the verge of suicide is that it is all constructed!