Culturally viable?

4 04 2008

By Nqobile Shoba Photo source:

It’s amazing how things can blow out of proportion when they are not spoken about. I was recently in a meeting with fellow journalists who wanted to do a story, concerning the supposed hate between  Zulu’s and Xhosa’s in South Africa. Now I must admit this was a particularly interesting topic for me, as I myself am Zulu yet my parents come from both clans, i.e. my mother is Xhosa and my father Zulu. I believe the measure of this supposed hatred only comes from those close minded backward people, from both clans who can not move on from the wrongs of the past. We all know that Shaka conquered the Xhosa’s and that Mandela became the new Shaka figure for the Xhosa’s when he came into power. What I fail to understand is why both clan’s cant just GHETTOVERIT! Living in a democratic South Africa should mean that we do not base the things that we do now on all the injustices of the past. Then again we are talking about a country that has shaped its identity on the politics of righting all the wrongs of the past.

I think the “Zuma fiasco” as you would call it can be brought up here. To be honest I think the only reason he had such ample support was the fact that he was ZULU. The new Shaka for the Zulu clan. I’m not saying that Thabo may have not been the same for the Xhosa’s but at least Thabo is not a potential president, who still thinks that taking a shower can cure Aids. I guess the Zulu and Xhosa “war” still exists but I’m literally living proof that it’s not true in all cases. Maybe we should make interclan marriages in South Africa a requirement. That’s my solution.