Chimurenga Workshop

12 03 2008

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Here are some photos from the first Chimurenga workshop, “Dropping Knowledge” session in collaboration with uDaba indigenious band from Fort Hare.

The aim of the organisation is to promote media literacy and education, nurture an audience for local art, African films and African writing that is commited to social development.

Chimu Sessions (Dropping Knowledge Sessions) will take form of art exhibits, African Film Fest, Theatrical performances, dub sessions (conscious parties). We basically bring different art genres under the same space since we cant afford a roof…we create an art matrix…something like the Africa Media Matrix!

The organisation beleives that there is a role that communication can play in long term sustainable development. Sustainable demands that people participate in the debates and decisions that affect their lives. They need to receive information, but also make their voices heard. As university students, we are the future policy makers and media practitioners thus the organisation beleives that we need to make ourselves familiar with the voices of ordinary people becaue it is very difficult to cahnge ways of thinking if you have been spoon-fed “junk” for a long time e’kse!!!