Who we are

Hey everyone!

So far, you’ve known us simply as a group of TV students at Rhodes University, but now you get to meet the individuals that make our team what it is. There are 12 of us all together, and everyone has something unique to add, and something to say about the world and what we hope to do to improve it and ourselves.

Drumroll please….. meet Ghettoverit.

Please note: This page is still under construction.

Alna Dall, Koketso ‘KK’ Potsame, Lubabalo Dada, Bianca ‘Bee’ Silva, Leila Dougan, Lloyd Meikle, Syanda Ngcobo, Nompumelelo ‘Nompu’ Ngubeni, Nqobile ‘Bile’ Shoba, Karen Thome, Michelle ‘Mish’ Solomon, Nomawethu ‘Noma’ Solwandle.

Alna Dall

I’m the token white, Namibian, Afrikaans-speaking loser. And I’m proud. Sometimes a little too proud. Annoyingly so actually. I am also passionate about Television Journalism. (Haha. The department forbid us from using the statement “passionate about Journalism”… They should ghettoverit.) I love my mom, and my tut group, and cheese. I want to be a fire-fighter when I grow up. And a documentary film-maker. And president of the world. To all my peeps on the (South)Westside: Peace Out.


Koketso ‘KK’ Potsane

My name is Koketso but some dumb white guy couldn’t pronounce my name, so now everyone just calls me KK! Alna is my only Afrikaner friend… we’re doing it for the struggle. I am a film-maker. I like beer. Lots of beer. All the time…

Lubabalo Dada

Pls fill in here.


Bianca ‘Bee’ Silva

Hey, I’m Bianca, and although I may look like a scary hippy gym instructor, I have to assure you that it is not my usual look. I am one of the more stubborn and curious people I have met. I think that is why I am a journalist, determined to see the world and to show it to people and hope that somehow I can make a difference. I do know how naive that sounds but as I said before I’m stubborn, which means I may achieve it, that and the fact that I won’t stop until I do. I’m loyal and very opinionated, always want to see the other side of anything. Can’t stay in one place for long, have yet to establish whether that is ADD but for now I’d like to call it itchy feet. Cape Town however is my home, I’d just like the rest of the world to be my playground. Oh and without music I think my soul would die. There are never enough hours in the day to do anything but I guess that is what happens when you marry yourself to a newspaper, especially a student newspaper. Whoever said women are demanding should take on a newspaper, I assure you there are far worse things than paper cuts. I drink too much coffee, sleep too little and love too much. But mostly I’m me and unique just like everyone else.

Leila Dougan

I’m the perfectionist with big hair. I’d like to do a number of things after completing my journalism degree: like travel to Mexico to drink tequilla and wear sombreros. I come from Cape Town, where people generally don’t wear sombreros… pity really. I like finger painting, blowing bubbles, afternoon picnics and pink shoes. I spend most of my time in the journalism department, I think its the mounted hats, fluorescent lighting and air conditioning that makes me feel safe. If I wasnt a journalist, I’d be a mermaid.


Lloyd Meikle

Hi everyone, I’m Lloyd. As you can see, I spend some of my time flying around in a cape. The rest of the time I’ll be found in Grahamstown’s local hot spots, from the journalism department to the Rat. I have a funny British accent too. It’s weird.


Syanda Ngcobo

Please fill in.


Nompumelelo ‘Nompu’ Ngubane


Nqobile ‘Bile’ Shoba

Hey there people. I’m the crazy chick kzn chick with an attitude. After completing this thing called a degree I plan on becoming a rocket scientist or better yet a freelance comedian for the once exisiting Pure Monate show. Good times are my thing so if you’re down with that holler at a sister!!


Karen Thome

well let’s start by saying that I usually don’t prance around with dolops of thick scew eyeliner and a floral tablecloth around my shoulders…I usually opt for other elaborate attire like feather boas and fairy wings, but only for special occassions like breakfast. Ok, jokes aside I’m a third year tv journ and sociology student, and I’m from Johannesburg… but don’t like it much cos I enjoy fresh air and down to earth people =0P Oh and I simply love lasagne…sell my limbs for some now in fact…


Michelle Solomon


27 responses

11 03 2008

Eish guys …please don’t play with us ….who are you? Tell us now

12 03 2008

Your site is very interesting…. I’m not suprised anyway because I understand that creative people like Kk and Ta Kev ( Lubabalo) were involved in its creation

30 03 2008

Wow! Hotties, I am impressed!! =0P I think our site is coming along beautifully, and our final show, and everones individual pieces were rather super,so **pats on the backs for everyone**!
Suppose I should say something about who we are…
We are the Rhodes University 3rd year television journalism students, quite a mouthful I know, but basically thats who we are! We are all very sexy and enjoy pina colodas, and our mission is to bring you some good entertaining media while having fun… and hopefully getting a good mark for it!
This site will essentially function as a record of all the media we produce throuout the year, so if you interested in seeing what we do, and also want some infotainment then I suggest you keep coming back,and we’ll keep posting!

3 04 2008

At last you added your names thanks…I have to agree your blog looks good. I hear people saying that journalism at Rhodes is the best in the continent, how true is that? My homeboy Lubabalo told me that the first white person he ever talked to was his journalism classmate, becuase where we come from there are no whites. Are you being taught how to be on TV and how to write newspapers?

3 04 2008

Group of journalism students at Rhodes, I just came across this blog when using search engines, but there is nothing interesting in this site? please get something worth it to read or view. the founders of this are all ghosts!I’ve got a feeling that you are doing this as an assigment, that is why you have not yet posted controvesial issues happening at Rhodes. Since Rhodes was for Whites only during Apartheid, I believe that racist issues and alienated (marginalised)groups can be found. I think this will be bettter rather than telling us that, you journalism student who did an assaigment on this topic and so on. Improvr your postings please.

Thanks for reading up to this stage.

3 04 2008

We’re only getting this site up and running now… we will be posting good stuff over the next few days. We’ve got some hardcore journalists in our class.

Yes this is an assignment, so that means we’re gonna have to make it good lol.

Criticism is welcome, but just watch this space Rashid. Thanks for stopping by.

3 04 2008

Thanks for the positive feedback Squialscote. Yes they say that Rhodes is one of the best places in Africa to do journalism. That’s the word on the street lol.

I’m probably one of those white class mates that Lubabalo was talking about lol.

Keep logging on 🙂

3 04 2008

Rashid, you might want to comment on this story.


4 04 2008

Ha!ha!ha! intsizwa yomzulu sele igqoke u Superman manje, Habe zizokuthini izintombi le Ondini emakhaya. Eish Mr Ngcobo you look good on that stuff. Chimurenga man (KK) you are so serious! Now you look more like a farmer or a boxing coach. Ndoda yomXhosa (Lubabalo) wena ukhangeleka ngathi ungumakoti obhaqwe eqhwesha, but you look funny. Anyway beautiful pictures. Well done! I’m really addicted to your blog

4 04 2008

That Lloyd guy is cool.

4 04 2008

Alna: “I want to be a fire-fighter when I grow up”


6 04 2008

Fire-fighters are people too….

6 04 2008

Tanx guys for visiting our blog. We really appreciate it. Squialscote what is your real name?

6 04 2008

The site is looking good guys:) I’m super impressed. How amazing do our photos look hey? Mich, you did an amazing job on them! Hopefully the writing will do the visuals justice:)

8 04 2008
Miss Rierie

Great site guys! A bit of overflowing on the sides. But overall super cool.
—> to miss mermaid: yes you know who you are!!Bubbles and butterflies are the way forward.. Personally i would be a tiger. or a cat..

Anways enough from cape town! see you soon y’alll

8 04 2008

Thanks for the feedback Miss Rierie. We are aware of the overflowing on the side of the page issue… it seems to be a WordPress glitch and we are determined not to take the blame.

a.k.a. “blogmaster”

12 04 2008

Great job guys!! I can’t belive we got over 400 hits in a week. Number 197 on amatomu.com-we’re on fire. Mish great job on the graphics, theyr’e amazing. Only one problem though, Lubabalo’s face will not move from my name (no offence Dada)!!! Tried fixing it but failed. Otherwise, our blogg’s looking real good.

17 04 2008

Muhle lomsebenzi (good work guys)

17 04 2008

Mpumi what’s your problem let dada use your name. You see the name fit well to him lol…

19 04 2008

hey Mzo i didn’t know that you have so many names(Squialscote/PapaG/Rashid/

20 04 2008
leila dougan

hey guys. i was thinking. how about opening a special page just for this term about grahamstown festival and then we could each do a short written piece on an artist or something? what do you think? or maybe just a few of us could do it. and then we could link to other sites that are promoting the festival? that way we’l get hits by people looking for inside information on the festival? we can eg, offer advice on how to survive fest, what to do, where to go, where to NOT go, what to bring, who to do fest with etc. what do you think? come on, we’re like, the source!!! we should be telling people about the festival. i think a separate page about it would be the best though so that people dont have to scan and flip through all our other articles and work to find info on fest. yes? no? lloyd, mich, let us kno.

6 05 2008

KK, I don’t blame you why you love a lot of beer, more beer. Your life is full of problems, so drinking beer makes you forget.

6 05 2008

Boys are more cute than girls, is it because of this black and white colour you used.

19 06 2008

Nice Nice one what you guys have got going!!!
Great storys…
Pls pls let me add another story about a group of young people who wanted all to see the talents in design that South Africa has to offer.

So, Springleap was born and leaped into existence at http://www.springleap.com

Write a piece on it… you will discover that there is soooooo much more than meets the eye.
we have a Blogger special… so if you and your team want some Freebees … give me a shout asap 🙂

Thanks peops… hope to hear from you soon.

Jade (ex-varsity student from not many ago and still trying to change the world)

3 07 2008

Hey Hey,

I have mailed you guys before!
Pls can we chat, think we may find a good fit. Love to see what we can do…

Give me a shout

14 11 2008

Noma where is ur pic? I’m longing to see you young journo.

23 04 2009

Very interesting. So what is it you hope to achieve with this website anyway?

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